Mold Inspections/Assessments

Our Base Fee for Mold Assessments include the following:
* A full visual inspection of the property.
* The use of moisture meters and thermal imaging.
* Two Air lab samples (1 control & 1 in area of concern), or two swabs.
* Detailed easy to read lab results from a third-party certified lab.
* A full detailed report of our findings, photos, and remediation protocol when necessary.
* Ongoing phone support helping you understand your reports and guiding you through any questions when it comes to hiring the proper mold remediation company for the job.

Same Day Availability

Brooklyn Bronx & Manhattan 7AM-5PM

Property Types

Residential & Commercial Properties

Fast Results

Reports are available within two business days.

For residential properties larger than 2,000sqf: $75 per 500sqf.
For commercial properties larger than 2,000sqf: Please contact us for a quote.
Outside of NYC travel fees apply ($50-$150 distance based)

*After a full visual inspection of the property a testing plan is suggested to the client. As per state law our agents must suggest any tests that can be beneficial to the client. It will ultimately be up to the client to decide what tests would be most important to their needs.